EVAW-Survivors Empowerment Journey(SEJ)

The UN Women programme “EVAW-Survivors Empowerment Journey” (EVAW-SEJ) was launched in 2016, through a collaboration with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA).

Integrating the needs for support services, justice, economic security and prevention of future violence, the EVAW-SEJ Programme combines the concepts of community level prevention with that of recovery and response. At the heart of the EVAW-SEJ is the understanding that violence against women is the most egregious form of gender-based discrimination, and it is only through addressing the root causes of inequalities that this violence can end.

The Programme goal is to ensure not only the reduction of violence against women (VAW) but the strength and recovery of women and their families who have suffered violence in the home. The Programme has four main components:

  1. Component 1 Promote communities to take greater responsibility in ensuring positive attitudes and behaviours so as to prevent VAW;
  2. Component 2Improve the quality of survivor-centered early interventions and essential services for VAW survivors for their safe reintegration into families and/or communities;
  3. Component 3Improved economic opportunities for women survivors of violence and women vulnerable to violence;
  4. Component 4 Enabling legislative and policy environment which translates international standards into effective action to end VAW;

The purpose of this Brief is to outline Component 1 of the EVAW-SEJ programme, which is to be implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD).

In the first year of the partnership EVAW-SEJ Component 1 activities will be implemented in 25 villages of 5 provinces Bamiyan, Herat, Parwan, Kandagar, and Nangarhar. Based on the findings of the first year piloting, the work at community level will be continued in 5 more provinces.

The work under Component 1 focuses on prevention of violence before it happens or re-occurs. Through piloting a ‘Model for Prevention of VAW at village level’, Communities will adopt an integrated approach of addressing root causes of violence and ensuring social and behavioral changes that make violence against women unacceptable. Under Component 1,each village will have:

  1. A long-term strategy for the implementation of a community-developed vision of a Prosperous Village based on Harmonious, Equitable and Violence free norms and relations within community and families (Village Plan for Equality and Prosperity)
  2. Change Champions and Self Help Groups (SHGs) as drivers advocating for gradual changes in norms, attitudes and behaviors to prevent VAW, localizing HeForShe at village level and up-scaling community advocacy results to provincial and national levels
  3. Commitments of religious and community leaders to promote the principles of harmonious, equitable and violence free norms and relations as adhered to Islamic norms
  4. Fund for Equality and Prosperity (FEP)– as a Community Capital for ensuring self-reliance and community independence for carrying on gender responsive local development initiatives
  5. Village as a platform for innovative approaches for EVAW and a knowledge hub for replication in other villages

Coverage Map

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