Village Bazar Exhibition Conducted in Kabul 14-17 November, 2017

Village Bazar Exhibition Conducted in Kabul 
14-17 November, 2017

A four days village Bazar exhibition organized by Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program-ARED/MRRD conducted in Kabul, Bagh-e-Babur. 

The exhibition was opened by the cutting of the ribbon by the Acting Minister of MRRD Mujib Rahman Karimi, Acting Minister of MAIL Engineer Naseer Ahmad Durani and other high ranking officials.

In this exhibition, 100 entrepreneurs (EGs & SMEs) from remote villages of Afghanistan took part and showcased their handmade products like: handicrafts, jewelries, accessories, carpets & rugs, dairy and other products to the public.

It’s worth mentioning that this was the 127th exhibition conducted by AREDP.

This exhibition prolonged for four days with the huge participation of home and foreign visitors from different organization.

AREDP aims to increase employment, income of rural men and women and the sustainability of targeted local enterprises.


Haji Safi the owner of Roh Afza Jam and Pickles Production, Nangarhar province

When I started the pickle business in my village there were few people working with me and together we sold nearly 20 bottles a day in my village.

After working with AREDP, where we went to exhibitions, exposure visits to the National and Regional Markets and attended intense production trainings we are now selling 200 bottles in Kabul and Nangarhar on a daily basis.

I have increased my work force to 10 people due to increased demand.

Miss Rezaee, Alghochak Chips Production: (Azdar village of Bamyan)

“When we first started making chips we had a lot of problems. We neither have equipment and expertise to cook the chips nor was there a properly established linkages for selling our chips in the market.

AREDP has provided us the equipment, training and a direct link to 11 schools in Bamyan where we now have been contracted to supply 70kgs of potato chips on daily basis.”

Ms. Tavakoli, Tavakoli Brothers Carpet Weaving: (Jebrail village, Enjil district, Herat)

Initially, I had no idea how to produce market oriented carpets and information on markets.

AREDP give me market exposure, took me to exhibitions in Kabul and international exposure visits to India, where I learnt how to do carpet business and which type of color combination is in demand.

Now I am the proud owner of large carpet weaving company. My business has significantly improved and I am selling to Herat, Kabul and international markets of Russia, America and Italy.


Mr. Naeem, Taban Suffron: (Enjil district, Herat)

I used to grow saffron using traditional methods which were not very efficient and I was unable to make sufficient incomes.

While participating in AREDP’s vocational trainings and developed linkages with other participants during the training.

I have learnt how to properly grow, harvest, process and market saffron.

This has led to significant increase in my saffron production and doubled my income, while I have employed more staff.

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