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Provincial Overview

Kandahar province is located in the south of Afghanistan. The province comprises extensive flat deserts and mountainous areas where blooming gardens and agriculture lands add to the beauty and economy of the province.

Kandahar is connected with Uruzgan in the north, in the south with Baluchistan and Durand Line, in the east with Zabul while Helmand province is located in its west. It has 18 districts and 2,794 villages with two million populations and has a total of 47,676-kilometer area.

Kandahar is known as commercial hub of the country. These factories produce grills, aluminum and plastic utensils, sandals, oil, soap and etc. Embroidery collars, dairy and agricultural products are very popular in Kandahar province and abroad.

Kandahar is one of the provinces that has large potential for economic development but limited opportunities due to conflict and security situation.


AREDP Interventions

AREDP started work in Kandahar in 2013 under Rural Enterprise Development Program for Kandahar (REDKAN). Through this project, AREDP has been working with communities to promote enterprise development and explore small-scale business opportunities at the grass roots level.

AREDP has created 2,097 Saving Groups (1,272 male and 825 female SGs), 453 Enterprise Groups (320 male and 133 female EGs), and graduation of mature SGs to Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) which reaches the total number of 220 VSLAs in Kandahar province; while Component B of AREDP- Small and Medium Enterprise Development Unit has provided support to 21 SMEs including 6 female SMEs.

Through these efforts AREDP has been able to support the economic development of Kandahar province by providing the opportunity to save 42,812,567 AFs—now accessible for Kandahar people to use for establishing or strengthening businesses; so far, 1,149 people have borrowed from the savings reaching a total of 4,449,812 AFs (1,289,182 AFs disbursed by women), and has created 4,577 job opportunities.


Kandahar at a Glance:
Number of SGs established: 1,558
Number of EGs established: 330
Number of VSLAs graduated: 166
Number of SMEs supported: 81
Total Savings Amount: 61,562,196 AFs
Total Loan Amount Disbursed: 4,449,812 AFs
Female Loan Amount Disbursed: 1,289,182 AFs
Number of Borrowers: 1,149
Number of Jobs created: 7,674


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