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Provincial Overview

Nangarhar is located in eastern Afghanistan and shares a border with Pakistan. Nangarhar’s capital city of Jalalabad lies on an ancient trade route leading from Kabul via the Khayber Pass to Peshawar and the Indian subcontinent. Nangarhar has 22 districts, 1,291 villages and Jalalabad city is the capital of the province.

Nangarhar province is endowed with a lot of natural resources. It has one of the largest mines for high quality marbles, which are used locally and also exported to other countries. The major business investments are in the field of agriculture and livestock.

Jalalabad is hub the for a number of economic activities due to its central location and proximity to Pakistan however due to the conflict and civil war the private sector industry deteriorated. Business is a good means of revenue in this province, where some traders are busy in international commerce, in addition to domestic business.

There are tens of small and large factories functioning in Nangarhar where there are dozens of women and men are working in these factories. The main lucrative sectors for business at the moment are marble processing, embroidery, clothing, pickles, honey, fishery and dairy product processing.


AREDP Interventions

Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program started to work in Nangarhar since 2010 and covering 6 districts and 200 villages. Thus far, AREDP has established 1,816 Saving Groups (SGs), 434 Enterprise Groups (EGs), 140 Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and has supported 140 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the province.
As a result of these interventions, community members in Nangarhar have successfully mobilized 69.4 million Afs from their own savings and have disbursed 80.8 million Afs for rural enterprise development and business purposes resulting in creation of 14,406 sustainable jobs for rural men and women.
AREDP believes that Afghan women play a vital role in economic growth, thus, the program has provided the opportunity for female entrepreneurs to actively engage in economic activities and income generation.
Today, out of 1,816 SG, 807 GS are formed by women and 209 enterprise groups are established and managed by female entrepreneurs in Nangarhar province. AREDP continues to bring positive change in the lives of Afghans and pave the ground for increasing income and employment of rural men and women in targeted rural areas.


Nangarhar at a Glance:
Number of SGs established: 1,815
Number of EGs established: 459
Number of VSLAs graduated: 179
Number of SMEs supported: 160
Total Savings Amount: 89,078,578 AFs
Total Loan Amount Disbursed: 97,780,751 AFs
Female Loan Amount Disbursed: 38,657,344 AFs
Number of Borrowers: 8,926
Number of Jobs created: 16,825


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