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Provincial Overview

Parwan is one of the known provinces of Afghanistan that has very strategic locations. Charikar is the capital city of the province and it shares borders with Maidan Wardak, Bamyan, Baghlan, Panjshir and Kapisa provinces. Having nine districts and 1,322 villages, the province has a total area of 5,715 square kilometers with a total population of 600,000 individuals.
Parwan is bestowed with historical places while the province gave birth to several leading personalities. The great Imam and Islamic scholar ‘Imam-e Azam’ originally hails from Parwan. Similarly, Gul Ghondi, Bagram and Jabul Saraj are among the other historical places that contributed to the beauty of this province.
Handmade metal products, carpet weaving, clothes and leather are the most prominent handicrafts in this province. In addition, the textile products of Parwan are other important handicrafts, which contribute to the industrial production of the country.


AREDP Interventions

Since inception, the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) started to work in Parwan in order to enhance employment and to facilitate private sector growth in rural Afghanistan. AREDP has been covering five districts and 149 villages in Parwan, AREDP has established 972 Saving Groups (SGs), 225 Enterprise Groups (EGs), 46 Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and has supported 59 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the province.
As a result of these interventions, community members in Parwan have successfully mobilized 30.5 million Afs from their own savings and have disbursed 18.6 million Afs for rural enterprise development and business purposes resulting in creation of 5,500 sustainable jobs for rural men and women.

Today, out of 927 saving groups, 532 saving groups are formed by women and as well as 162 enterprise groups are established and managed by female entrepreneurs in Parwan province. AREDP continues to bring positive changes in the lives of Afghans and pave the ground for increasing income and employment of rural men and women in targeted rural areas.


Parwan at a Glance:
Number of SGs established: 763
Number of EGs established: 189
Number of VSLAs established: 39
Number of SMEs supported: 88
Total Savings Amount: 30,660,194 AFs
Total Loan Amount Disbursed: 22,408,066 AFs
Female Loan Amount Disbursed: 11,891,896 AFs
Number of Borrowers: 2,935
Number of Jobs created: 6,872


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